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You Dream It
We Build It

3 Year / 36,000 Mile Warranty

You can feel safe knowing that Titan Vans implements high quality control, uses the longest-lasting products, and provides your new custom conversion van with the highest level warranty in the United States.

You Dream It
We Build It

3 Year / 36,000 Mile Warranty


Two conversion options are available to fit your lifestyle and budget...

What is the Titan Classic build?

The Titan Classic build is the most affordable way to get a high quality van conversion. Its pre-engineered design brings the workload down for us – which brings cost and turnaround time down for you! Upholstery, laminate and accent colors are customizable – allowing you to add your own style, and upgrade packages are available to fit your unique needs. Utilizing plug-and-play upgrade packages, the Classic changes with your life and your next adventure. The modular design goes from adventure van to cargo van in minutes – without the use of tools!

Who is the Classic for?

Customers who want to save money, without compromising quality.

Average Classic Build Price: $50,000

Build price does not include the price of the van.

More information about the Classic:

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What is the Titan Custom build?

Titan Custom vans are completely custom from start to finish. To start, professional conversion van designers take the time to understand your wants, needs and budget restrictions before determining the best layout and the right stylistic details. Once a preliminary design is approved, our experienced and knowledgeable engineers create the appropriate systems (electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling) and produce full 3D renderings of your exact build. Finally, after the project is funded, the van rolls into our shop and your build begins.

Who is the Custom for?

Clients that want a completely custom van conversion and have a higher budget in mind.

Average Custom Build Price: $75,000

Build price does not include the price of the van.

More information about the Custom:

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Fair & Transparent Pricing

Shopping for a custom conversion van doesn't have to be a pain in the neck!

We strive to be open and upfront about pricing. That is why we publish our build prices right here on the website! For Titan Custom vans, visit the CUSTOM GALLERY to see some examples of build-outs and pricing. For Titan Classic builds, use our BUILD YOUR CLASSIC tool to build your own custom adventure van step-by-step and receive an estimate instantly. 

More galleries will be coming soon.

Products & Services

In addition to professional van builds, we provide products and services for a fair price.

In fact, our price compared to our quality is unmatched by any of the other van outfitters. So, whether you’re looking for a new custom Sprinter van, or you just need a solar installation, our van conversion specialists have you covered. No project is too big or too small. Helping you create your dream van is our passion.


How much do custom van builds cost?

Custom builds are priced individually.

The Classic build starts at $34,995. Then add upgrade packages.

*Van not included.

What does the warranty cover?

Our warranty covers the craftsmanship of the build and materials. Each appliance is covered by its respective manufacturer. We warranty the electrical system, cabinets, flooring, upholstery, and system in general.

*** 3 years / 36,000 miles ***

 Read about coverage and exclusions here.

Do you work on Webastos?

Yes. Titan Vans is a certified dealer and repair specialist for all Webasto products.

Do you only work on Sprinters?

No. We work on many different types of vans.

Van types (that we build/upfit):
Mercedes Sprinters (144, 170, 170 Extended)
Ford Transits (RWB, LWB, LWB EL)

We do not upfit:
Mercedes Metris
Ford Transit Connect
Nissan NV200

Interested in upfitting a vehicle that is not on this list? Give us a call.

Van types that we service:
All vans 10 years or newer

Can you add an AC unit?

Absolutely. There are limitations regarding power consumption, and we’d be happy to discuss those details with you during the design process.

Are there additional seating options?

Yes. We can install factory seating or after market seats – which give us more options for style, functionality and installation.

Do you do small jobs?

Yes! We handle all projects big and small.

Should I get a 2WD or 4x4?

Both are great options.

We find the 2WD to be an extremely capable vehicle for a much more reasonable price. Just our two cents, but we’ve owned and driven both the 4×4 and 2WD. With the right tires and driver, the 2WD can handle a lot of terrain. Here are several reasons we prefer the 2WD…

First, lower initial cost and increased availability. Purchasing a 4×4 from the dealership may require a waiting period of 6-18 months.

Second, lower maintenance cost and better gas mileage. The 2WD gets 2-4 mi/gal better than the 4WD and has lower costs to maintain with fewer components and moving parts.

Third, these vans are not designed for serious 4×4 driving. They can handle a lot of roads, pot holes and rocks, but the smallest van has a 12′ wheel base and 8′ clearance height before large wheels and tires. They can be pretty miserable on true 4×4 roads with the amount of weight up high, and the wheel base makes it extremely susceptible to damage or high centering.

Lastly, the 4×4 is a limited slip system which means it is not actually a true 4×4.

How big is the Titan Classic bed?

Dimensions: 68″ wide  x 74″ long x 5″ thick

How do you power your vans?

The battery is the heart of the entire system; all of the power flows into and out of the battery. To recharge the battery, we have three sources: solar, engine and shore (plug-in).

In short, our electrical systems designed to be maintenance free and completely off-grid. All you have to do is keep fuel in the tank.

How does the build process work?

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What forms of payment do you accept?

We are a check and cash only establishment. For online or over-the-phone orders, we can accept credit cards, but we do charge a convenience fee.



Our Story

A bit about us...

Titan Vans was established in the summer of 2017 with the sole purpose of creating beautiful, durable vans in a supportive and rich work environment. We are passionate about alternative living, and we strive to get people outside doing what they love. 

Everyone who works at Titan Vans is a climber, skier, mountain biker or dirt-bagger extraordinaire. We don’t just sell van life; we live it. We’ve spent years living out of tents, trucks, vans, Subaru’s and more. We are travelers and adventurers, and our passion for our trade, environment and community is inherent in our product. 

We specialize in off-the-grid vans because we believe you can do more when you have less. We utilize only quality products to produce durable and striking designs that withstand the test of time because being environmentally conscious requires sustainability. We pride ourselves at Titan Vans in catering to all clients, no matter how big or small their project is, and we are available to answer any and all of your questions. So don’t hesitate to contact us!

I want people to understand the quality of the builds. It's not just what you can see.
It's everything behind the walls and the care that goes into every aspect,
especially the electrical.