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CUSTOM Conversion Vans

Custom Van Conversion: Here's how it works...

Custom conversion vans require a lot of communication between you and your build company, as well as a significant amount of project design work. From initial emails and phone conversations to design consultations, 3D-renderings and edits, we are here to make your van conversion dreams a reality. Please note that custom vans come with relatively higher pricing – when compared to our Titan Classic build due to the extra work involved. If you are looking for the most affordable way to get into vanlife, we suggest that you check out our Classic build to see if it will fit your needs before proceeding with a Titan Custom Design. If the Titan Classic doesn’t have what you are looking for, a Titan Custom van is the best option for you!

Step 1: Get a van.

With our Custom option, our clients almost always supply the van themselves.

Step 2: Fill out an Intake Form.

Once you have your van, or even if you’re in the beginning stages of purchasing, we can begin your design process immediately. We start with an intake form to get a clear sense of your needs. Once we’ve reviewed your form, we will schedule a meeting with one of our designers to discuss options (including: layout, design, finish, appliances, electrical needs, passenger requirements, etc.) to determine the best layout and stylistic details to meet all of your design needs. Once we have an approved layout, we work with our engineers to create the appropriate systems and produce full 3D renderings of your exact build.

Step 3: Approve the Design.

When you’re satisfied with the finish and layout, the ordering and production process begins. Custom builds can vary widely in price and manufacture time, but once completed we know you will be floored by the quality and finish of your build! 

Ready to get started?

Start by clicking DESIGN YOUR CUSTOM, tell us what you want, and we will generate a quote for you. If you prefer paper, download the PDF. PDFs can be emailed to: sales@titanvans.com.

Please note: Estimates are not made automatically due to the complexity of the product; each one is made individually by our designer. Due to current volume, estimates take about 4-6 weeks to produce. After sending, check your email to make sure that you received a confirmation.