Here’s How It Works



  • The Classic is unlike anything else on the market. It is a hyper-modular, customizable adventure rig. The base package is a fixed design. That means, we’ve already designed where the bed, wheel well cabinets, water tank, furnace, fan, window, battery, inverter, and other appliances go. We build the van the exact same way every time which, decreases the cost and decreases the turn around time for you. While the infrastructure is fixed, the design and layout are all up to you! We have designed plug and play upgrade packages that can be added to any Classic build without the need for any modification to the van. Each upgrade package, whether it is the galley, bench seats, or overhead cabinets, is fully removable from the van in less than one minute with no tools required! That means you can choose the upgrade packages that work for you, mix and match your packages to meet the need for your specific trip, or come back and add on a package at anytime to take your rig to the next level!
  • The Van:
    • Sticker Plus – You can purchase one of our pre-built Classic vans off our lot and add your upgrade packages to make it your own. We call this option “Sticker Plus”. We take the sticker price of the van from the dealership, add on our base Classic build price, and you choose your upgrade packages. That means, no waiting for delivery from the dealer, no down time while your van is being built, and more time doing what you love.
    • BYOV – Already have a van and just need help building it out, no problem! We call this the “Bring Your Own Van” (BYOV) option. You supply the van and in 2-3 weeks, it’s rolling back out the doors ready for action!
  • Choose your finish
    • The Classic is offered in two upholstered finishes complete with tweed walls, vinyl ceiling, and coin dot flooring.
  • Pick your Packages
    • There are a multitude of upgrade packages that can be added to make the Classic work for you. Below are just a few of our most common upgrades but we’re happy to add on any aftermarket, bolt-on upgrades including: awnings, wheels and tires, running boards, bumpers, winches, rear storage boxes, slide-out cargo trays, dining tables, ski racks, bike racks, etc.

Base Package – $34995

With the Classic, we’ve cut out all the fluff and created an affordable, rugged, off-the-grid design that can be customized to meet any demand. The Classic utilizes plug-and-play components, easily removable without the need of tools, to change with your life and your next adventure. The Classic is currently available on the Sprinter 144 and 170 platform but we will be offering it for the Promaster and Transit platforms soon!

Base Package Includes:

  • 300 W Solar
  • 180 AHR Li-Ion Battery
  • 2000 W Inverter
  • Engine-Battery Charger
  • Shore Power Plug
  • Diesel Furnace
  • Roof Top Fan
  • 20 Gal Water Tank
  • Spray Off Shower
  • Driver and Passenger Swivel Seats
  • Slider Door and Driver Side T-Vent Windows
  • Rear Half Slider Windows
  • Coin Dot Flooring
  • Galley Wall Connector Kit
  • Ceiling Lights
  • Cove Lights
  • Bi-Slide Bed Platform
  • Under Bed Load Lights
See how our Fully Removable Bi-Slide Bed Platform works!


The Classic comes standard with Black Coin Dot Flooring, Tweed Walls, and Vinyl Ceilings and is available in two finishes, Earth or Charcoal.

Once you’ve chosen your upholstery package, let’s add some flare! With four color choices for the Bi-Slide Bed kick plates, you can add personal style to your build and make it your own.


Galley – $4995

The Galley is a fully self-contained unit that can be taken in and out of the van in less than a minute, no tools required. It utilizes quick disconnect fittings that come standard on all of the Classics, to hook-up 12V, 120V, cold water, hot water (if the hot water package is added), and grey water.


  • Isotherm Cruise 130 Fridge
  • Single Burner Induction Cooktop
  • Stainless Steel Sink
  • Paperstone Counter
  • 2 Drawers and Doors with Marine Latches

Over Galley Cab – $595

The over galley cab is a great addition for those spending extended time on the road. The cabinet adds ample storage, is extremely durable, and a stylish upgrade! Of course, as with all our Classic upgrades, it is easily installed and removable without the need for tools.

Bench Seat – $1995

The 2-person bench seat is a great addition for families, bikers, skiers, climbers, and adventures that like to bring the whole crew along. Our bench seat utilizes quick disconnect fixtures attached to the seat legs which allow you to quickly install or remove the seats in the van. Additionally, the quick-lock fittings enable you to change the seat location in seconds, depending on cargo needs, access space, or for the all important dinner time.

Hot Water Heater – $1395

Hot water is made available by an Isotemp Slim 4 gallon electric heater. The heater fits just above the 20 gal water tank on the driver side wheel well cab. It produces 180 + degree F water, which is then mixed with cold water using the integrated pre-mixing valve on the heater. This allows 4 gallons of extremely hot water to stretch out to 6-8 gallons of nice hot water!